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Licence Rugrats to Shout! Factory for Full Season Releases!

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Rugrats is one of the first Nicktoons ever to air on television, making it's debut in 1991. The show didn't start out popular, but when Nickelodeon was going bankrupt and they started airing reruns, the shows popularity exploded, almost single-handedly saving Nickelodeon, and if it wasn't for that, Nickelodeon wouldn't be here today.
Why should Rugrats be on DVD? First off, it's the most popular Nicktoon in history. Yeah, yeah, say what you want about Spongebob. he may have been running longer, but Rugrats has done much more than that. Not to mention, popularity+good ratings=money, and we all know by now that Viacom really loves money.
Second, it's never gotten a proper DVD release. We've seen various compliation DVDs, but no full seasonal sets. There are a lot of hardcore Rugrats fans out there, me being one of them, who would buy these full season releases. And no, those Amazon CreateSpace DVDs aren't true releases. They are selling 2 incomplete seasons, and not to mention, they aren't actual hard copies, they're DVD-Rs, so it's safe to say they're pretty much just licensed bootlegs.
And why Shout! Factory of all companies? well, as most Retro Nick fanatics know, they're currently releasing other classics from Nick's library, such as Rocko's Modern Life, Aaahh! Rael Monsters, The Angry Beavers, Hey Dude, Danny Phantom, and another Klasky Csupo cartoon, The Wild Thornberrys.
Their DVDs are high quality, and they will actually COMPLETE the series, unlike other classic shows that Viacom previously released, screwing us classic Nickelodeon fans over (Pete and Pete left with one season unreleased, and Clarissa Explains it All with four seasons unreleased).
So, if you really care about Rugrats, please sign this petition, and be sure to have your family and friends sign and share, and be sure to advertise as much as possible!

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