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Nickelodeon and Dan Schneider: Petition to Bring Back Victorious for at least One More Season

Hello everyone! So if you're reading this, chances are you're here because it has been confirmed that Victorious will not be airing anymore than the last fifteen episodes because Nickelodeon has a 60 episode slot and Victorious has filled that. This makes me really sad, and I know a lot of you are going to be upset too. (By the way if you want to read about it check the links on Dan's Twitter or just google it.)

I know it's a far stretch, but I think if we all team up and work together, like Nickelodeon says it's trying to teach us, then maybe we can get our show back. I'm thinking that if every single one of you reads this and reviews a good reason ( or more) that Victorious shouldn't be canceled, then I will put every review together as a chapter and then tweet the link to it to Nickelodeon and Dan Schneider.

Like I said, thirty people commenting and one person tweeting this link won't get anything accomplished. I literally need every single person who can do it to do it. As soon as we (because this isn't my thing, it's our thing) get enough people and enough reasons, I will post every name and every reason as a chapter, then I will say that I need you guys to Tweet as many links as you can to Nickelodeon's Twitter page, and IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO TWEET THIS LINK UNTIL I SAY SO BECAUSE IT'S IMPORTANT THAT WE HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE. Because chances are if Nickelodeon even does look at the link, we better have a lot and I mean a lot of people rooting for Victorious and not just a few because I doubt they will do it again.

So now post your review! It's sort of like a virtual petition. If you only want your name, just review that you don't want to give a reason. If you will give a reason, post that too. And when the time comes, tweet with me! And get your friends, and your grandmas and your grandma's friends-everybody to do this! Write a note in your story to let people know we're trying to save Victorious!

Please do your part to save our show!

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