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Ban Plastic Bags NZ

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8.8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in our oceans every year, and New Zealanders are kidding themselves if they think that we aren't contributing to that.Scientists estimate that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2020 unless we drastically change our plastic habits.

Thousands of marine animals choke and die from ingesting this plastic, and many more are being slowly poisoned by the dioxin and other pollutants introduced by this mass of plastic. Dioxin is an endocrine disrupter, a so-called gender-bender pollutant because it causes gender mutations in fish and land animals that eat fish, like sea bass, seals, and even polar bears.

 The plastic in our oceans affects us all.  It enters our food chain. It contributes to extinction. It pollutes the very water that replenishes our planet.Help stop the accumulation of plastic in our oceans by using reusable bags and reducing plastic in your other consumer choices as well. Every bag counts and you can help!

Please sign if you care for the future of your grandchildren and children. The time is now to take action against the pollution that our generation has created.

Below are videos that may interest you.

Sea life are ingesting plastic bags, please watch what is happening to just one whale, imagine the effect on others.

Millions of tonnes of plastic are going into our oceans why don't we lessen that just a little.

Delihi in India are making and effort to change their use of plastic.

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