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Stop Kerri Rivera speaking at Autismone conference on Saturday 23rd may 2015.

Kerri Rivera, advocates using Chlorine Dioxide to "cure" Autism. Autism is a neurological condition and cannot be cured:You can't change a neurotype. Chlorine Dioxide is an industrial strength bleach used for stripping textiles and bleaching wood pulp. Rivera leads parents to believe Autism is caused by parasites and the Chlorine Dioxide will eradicate them. Children are becoming very sick: vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, low sodium levels, and fevers. Rivera tells these parents this is detox, when its actually the side effects of slow poisoning. The parasites (ropeworms)  have been scientifically discredited - THEY DONT EXIST,THERE IS NO SUCH THING. It is intestinal lining the child is passing due to constant bleaching. 

People are being prosecuted for using, selling and being in possession of CD/MMS. Keri Rivera is also a "Bishop" in a cult MMS church, Genesis ll , along with Jim Humble, the "creator" of CD/MMS. This woman is a fraudulent public menace, who is advising people to break the law, and needs to be stopped!!! This is the most cruel and horrific pseudoscience used on Autistics.

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