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Stop "The Drop" from being aired

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What is kpop? It may just be a genre of music to some, but to others it's a lot more: to kpop stans, our bias groups mean the world to us and no doubt many of us have made solid friendships because of it. But kpop is a niche genre for a reason. Those who are close-minded to it, aka the general public, are quick to judge without taking the time to understand it in the first place. By allowing this tv show to air, we are inviting more ignorance than new fans. There are already enough people who are ignorant about Korean culture, we don't need more.

The kpop fandom is one of the few where the fans are generally inclusive, be it in terms of gender, race, sexuality or age. Kpop fans range from teens to older adults, so placing this show on a channel specifically for kids/tweens is degrading and disrespectful. At this point it feels like you're just trying to use kpop's growing popularity as your own cash-cow. You wouldn't do this with any other genre of music, then why kpop? Because it's easy to make jokes out of for your little "comedy" show (which doesn't even look that funny, based on the audition script)? We already face enough backlash and jokes for just listening to music we like and you're just adding fuel to the fire.

This type of show trivializes the years of training, physical and mental stress, and suffering many idols have to face just to get the chance to debut. Their struggle should absolutely not be used for the purposes of "humour". The whole company system dominant in Korea is not one to be idolised, as this show will. Not only this, but by presenting kpop in this light to young impressionable minds, you may cause the fetishization and appropriation of Korean culture, which is already a big enough problem.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that you should leave kpop alone. You aren't doing us any favours by making up this show, in fact you're just harming us. People who would get into kpop anyway will find it on their own, I'm sure. Feel free to continue the show with a similar storyline, just "drop" the kpop bit, thanks.


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