Stop Union Busting at Tate

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Stop Union Busting at Tate

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Kerstin Mogull (Finance Director)

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EQUALITATE in TATE: an appeal to Nicholas Serota to take responsibility

Dear Nicholas,
We the undersigned understand that privatised zero hours staff working for Securitas at Tate have had their union recognition agreement with PCS torn up following a TUPE transfer in May 2016. We believe this is an appalling way to treat staff and we support the PCS Tate United EqualiTate campaign to put an end to union busting at the Tate.

The vast majority of staff are members of the PCS trade union and secured a trade union recognition agreement in 2014. The staff working for Securitas at the Tate are demanding trade union recognition with PCS to:

-          Negotiate on behalf of PCS members’ terms and conditions - PCS secured the living wage in 2015 as part of the EqualiTate campaign.

-          Allow privatised workers to choose the union they want – the rest of the workforce is in the Tate United PCS branch and don’t have our workplace representation forced on us by a hostile company.

-          Ensure staff are treated fairly with dignity and respect - zero hours workers are excluded from training and development opportunities.

-          Challenge ongoing payroll problems – Staff are experiencing ongoing issues.

Securitas should honour the 2014 recognition agreement and engage with PCS. We believe the Tate, as the organisation who awarded this company the contract, must immediately intervene and instruct Securitas to recognise PCS.

Over 90% of staff working at Tate believe Securitas are not fit to run this contract. This contract should be brought back in house and not in the hands of an anti-union, multi-national corporation making profits on the back of exploited workers.


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Nicholas Serota, Director of the Tate art museums and galleries

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This petition had 894 supporters

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