Update and fix Cave Story+ for Steam!

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Cave Story is a great adventure platformer arcade shoot stuff kind of game, developed by Pixel and published by Nicalis Inc. as a remastered version.

The Steam Port lacks options available in the freeware version such as Widescreen support and even a Switch release has updated features such as Local Coop, Widescreen support, new soundtracks, updated graphics (Including animated speech faces). Which is not only insulting to people who loved Cave Story where it began to exist: PC, but also insulting to other players who bought the game to support them only to be left hanging at the end, even with other problems such as crashes and broken achievements, and it gets even worse when Nicalis draws Quote, Curly Brace and Balrog for a Nicalis sale in Steam, they acknowledge it's existence but refuse to update it.

I have made this petition to gather the amount of fans who want this to be adressed, together, we are able to show them the amount of people that still care.

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