Let Trainers trade Darkrai in Pokemon GO #LetUsTradeDarkrai

Let Trainers trade Darkrai in Pokemon GO #LetUsTradeDarkrai

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Nian Citerol started this petition to Niantic

Note: A few people have reached out to me commenting about using Change - I'm not a fan either, but after much research before making this petition, I didn't find any platforms that were any better, and chose Change because it's more known among different communities for petitions. The main goal is for Niantic to see the points and the numbers of people that agree.

Darkrai is a highly popular and sought after Pokemon, but many of us Trainers have seen that he is much too difficult to acquire. While it's understandable that such a popular Pokemon is difficult to attain, Niantic has made it a little too unattainable for Trainers across the board. Now, while I'm specifically talking about Darkrai here, what I think can be done to help even things out can technically be applied to Mythical Pokemon altogether, since Mythical Pokemon can't be traded in Pokemon GO in general (at least mostly - we'll get more into this later). Another thing I should mention is that I personally have like 20 Darkrais, so I'm not speaking from the perspective of someone who can't acquire one, but rather why, as well as how, it's more beneficial to everyone for us to be able to trade Darkrai.

First, we'll go into what makes Darkrai so tough to obtain as opposed to most other Raid Pokemon, and WHY he should be trade-able:

  • He's already only available during Event periods
  • He's a "Tier 6" Raid Pokemon - which means he's displayed as a Tier 5, but has much more HP and dishes out much more damage
  • Because of the above point, he requires more trainers to gather to take him down in a raid
  • Some of the rural areas can't gather enough people to take him on in a Raid; due to his difficulty, even using social media to gather Trainers, most people tend to bail out and not even attempt the Raid if there aren't enough people
  • Because of the above point, some trainers go as far as seeking help from Spoofers (someone who uses their device to trick their GPS into positioning them at a specific location, as opposed to being there physically); this in turn is basically Niantic indirectly supporting Spoofers
  • Even when you beat him in a Raid, during the Capture segment, he moves left and right, and the most effective way is to wait until he's in the center of the screen. However, if you're one to throw your Premiere Ball right after an attack animation ends, his timing is still very odd. So you may be stuck trying to catch Darkrai for a long while; even if you're in a Raid group, you may get left behind trying to catch one while most of the Raid team moves onto another Gym
  • Darkrai isn't trade-able because he's a "Mythical" Pokemon; however, he was Mythical only starting Gen 5. When he was first introduced in Gen 4 (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum), he was Legendary
  • Even though he changed from "Legendary" to "Mythical" from Gen 5 and onward, you were still able to obtain him via trade
  • Aside from the point above about "Mythical" Pokemon not being trade-able in Pokemon GO, Niantic themselves broke their own rule by making Meltan/Melmetal trade-able
  • Darkrai is opposite of Cresselia; since Cresselia's trade-able, it not only makes sense, but also fair that Darkrai be trade-able
  • While we're on the topic of Mythical Pokemon, it would make sense for Pokemon like Mew, Celebi, and Jiraichi to be untradeable due to ONLY being able to obtain them from Special Research, or even Deoxys because they can only be obtained from EX Raids (even though other EX Raid Pokemon are trade-able), which are Invite-only Raids (making it less difficult to gather a group for a Raid team in rural areas since the location and time is set); Darkrai on the other hand is a public Raid, another aspect that levels him with Cresselia
  • Those of us who HAVE Darkrai and can obtain them more easily would have a great Pokemon to trade for with those who have region exclusive Pokemon
  • Pokemon, especially GO, is meant to be a fun social, community-based game and collecting/trading has always been the most appealing and core aspect of Pokemon; technically even Deoxys should be trade-able!

As you can see, there are already several points on why Darkrai should be trade-able, but he isn't! There are few points on why he isn't, but we all know the driving motivation behind Darkrai's trade-lock, and it's money. So I have some solutions:

  1. If Niantic really wants to keep his "Mythical" status due to the lore, just make him another exception like Meltan/Melmetal (might as well do that for Deoxys too). Since that's not a solution that ties to making more money, this is just being hopeful though
  2. Make it a Special Research reward - a bit of an obvious decision, but severely limiting way to acquire him. With those in rural or even suburban areas, this might be their only way to do so
  3. Make it a Research Breakthrough reward - this is a bit more obvious, but would probably not align with Niantic's goal of making more money
  4. Require the use of an item; maybe a Lunar Wing which can be obtained in some way - either by Special Research tasks and/or with purchase using PokeCoins. To prevent abuse (and to make more money), time-lock it like Team Medallions for use once every 3/6/12 months. Lunar Wing is just an example; they can create a general item for Mythical Pokemon, or they can create separate items for different Mythical Pokemon (maybe even a separate item for each Deoxys form, although that would be annoying)
  5. Same as above, but instead of time-locking, get one free and further more would require PokeCoin purchases like Raid Passes.

Right now, Niantic has the only other way to acquire Darkrai, is as a GO Battle League random reward, but according to reports, it's super rare for him to show up; on top of that, in order to participate more than once requires the use of Battle Passes (ie. money) during a limited weekend event (March 6-9). Even entering GBL for free has prerequisites of walking first. 

Whatever the case, even if Darkrai eventually becomes a Research reward, I think restricting any Pokemon to trading is severely limiting, and if you agree, please sign. Feel free to comment, and if this ever gets through to Niantic, also share whether you believe other Pokemon such as Deoxys should receive the same, or similar, treatment. Get the word out there with hashtag posts - such as #Pokemon, #PokemonGO and #LetUsTradeDarkrai, and maybe tag big Pokemon social media accounts too!

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