Increase PokemonGo Pokemon Storage

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It has been many months since the last increase to players' maximum Pokemon storage in Pokemon Go. It is time for our storage to increase from 1500 to 2000.

It was hinted that this increase would happen around the 2-year anniversary of Pokemon Go. This would have been perfect timing! We all are eager and excited to catch as many new Pokemon as possible, whether this be during an event, a Community Day, a Legendary Raid day, or just out hunting on our own or with friends. It is decidedly LESS fun when we are all too frequently getting the "Your collection is full." notification.

This has turned Communities Days into a struggle. Last minute raids are nerve-wracking endeavors HOPING we remembered to clear out a space so we have a chance to catch this rare 'mon!

When trading was introduced, we rejoiced! This is a WONDERFUL new feature! It allows trainers to continue to build their collections. It also allows us to share rare catches with friends in the hopes that they may get a powerful addition to their team! But with storage so limited, we are also punished for trying to hold onto things we'd like to share with friends. We are forced to choose between savings something interesting, or taking a chance that the next thing we catch will be even MORE interesting.

And luckies only exacerbate the problem. Now, we also like luckies! They are a fun addition to the game and a wonderful creation. However they ALSO give us something new to collect. Something else taking up bag space. And even worse, we are now PUNISHED for clearing out old Pokemon. Every player has at one point said, if I'd only kept this old Pokemon, I could have traded it to you as a lucky right now.

My trainer name is GreenPajama, and I was lucky enough to attend GoFest this year. It was amazing and I had a wonderful time. I was able to capture and bring back over 100 Torkoal and Unown to share and trade with my community. But I can only do 1 special trade a day, and I only have so much stardust to spare on gifts to friends. When Eevee Community Day was around the corner, I was forced to transfer many of these rare Pokemon away just so I could participate. I wish I had been able to keep them because I still know so many trainers who need a Torkoal and have yet to capture a single Unown. But I had to weigh the decision of my own ability to play the game against the wants of other players. I shouldn't have been put into this position, but I was. Trading and Luckies are wonderful, and I love them more than most. But helping other people shouldn't hurt me.

Now don't get us wrong, we very much enjoy these new features. PLEASE keep them coming! BUT in order for us to fully appreciate and enjoy these things, we need to space to add them to our collection. Please don't let us go into another Community Day with only 50, 40, 20 (or FEWER) spaces free. So please Niantic, PLEASE, increase Pokemon Storage to 2,000. Your player base will thank you.


The Pokemon Go Community

P.S. We understand storage will likely increase with Gen 4. We see no reason why it can't increase before then, and then ALSO increase with the new releases.