Make Niantic to finally fix Pokemon Go PVP

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The Pokemon Go PVP Community has been struggling for months. Every single update Niantic, Inc. has put into the game has become unacceptable, making it very difficult to play or breaking previous mechanics which makes the game less and less competitive as the updates go through.

At the moment, we have been more than 3 months with PVP completely broken; desyncs that makes you lose fast moves out of no where, CMP ties that do not work, crazy server lags and freezes, among many other issues. They try to fix something and they break more and more stuff of the game. The recent broken mechanics is that you can't sac-swap unless you get a desync.

Niantic team has proven several times that is not up to this project and thats why the PVP community wants to pressure them to hire better programmers and fix all the issues as soon as possible. In order to make this happen, we have organiced a global PVP strike with no Youtube content, no GBL, no Twitch streams, no Silph or any other local competition for 3 days (24th-25th-26th August).

If you want a better game and want to support this idea, don't forget to share it on Twitter and all your PVP groups.

Yours sincerely, #Battlers