Bring Magikarp Raids Back! #PokemonGO

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I'm not a strong Pokemon Go player...actually I've only been to one raid. It was a Magikarp that I did with my brother when he was back home for a weekend. He's played the game since it came out, although he lives in a desert town where there are no Magikarp spawns...but there are a lot of Growlithes! Ever since the shiny Magikarp came out, he's been trying to get one, while watching literally everyone else he knows get one before him. He even bought some Go Fest tickets and went all the way to Chicago for extra chances...and his roommate that he brought with him got one there. Every time he comes home, he leaves the house every so often to go check on this sketchy creek where Magikarps spawn from time to time...I've tried to stop him to no avail. When he's back in his rural college town, he's hit every Magikarp raid that he could and he walked over 200 kms to evolve his first Magikarp. I'm hereby asking Niantic to bring back Magikarp raids! (We kept Tyranitars, Alakazams, Machamps, Gengar, Snorlax, and Lapras...what's wrong with one more?) 

Splash...Struggle...Flail...Tackle. Long ago the Magikarp raids lived in Pokemon Go. Then everything changed when the Metapod attacked, only Hanke, master of Niantic, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he became legacy. A year has passed, and my brother and I discovered a new savior, Gyarados raids. Although his twister skills aren't great, he's still got a lot of updates before we can trade for magikarp shinies with anyone. But I believe Niantic can still bring back Magikarps!

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