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Do a DNA test on the remains that might be my missing brother Jay

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My brother Jay Boyle and 5 of his friends went missing 19 years ago this week while out on a boat on a cold windy night on Lake Ontario.  No one has seen or heard from them since. Their bodies and the boat were never found. 

My family has never had closure. But now there is a shred of hope with remains that were found in the Niagara River in 1998. A few months ago I was looking at the Ontario Provincial Police missing persons page and saw a photo that gave me and everyone in my family goosebumps. Remains with a pair of the red Levis jeans that Jay was wearing the night, as well as socks and belt that look like things he owned. 

We've asked police to do a DNA test on the remains but so far they've declined. 

We're asking for your support to push for this DNA test to be done. 

For my mom this is so painful. It took her years to accept that Jay wasn't coming back. Now knowing that his body may have been found is like a chance for closure. But without the DNA test though those remains will be like an open wound, and she'll forever wonder if it's him. 

Police say they don't see how the remains could be his given the estimated age of the bones (25-60), and where he was found, but that's not the point. We don't know what happened that night and we just need to know if it's him. My family is even willing to pay for the DNA test. We just need the police to agree. 

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