Children to have access to free Sports Goggles through an NHS prescription

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Hi All,

Following the sad and shocking news that last weekend a 10 year old boy from North Manchester lost one of his eyes due to not wearing appropriate sports goggles whilst playing football, no player will now be allowed to participate in a game whilst wearing normal glasses.

Unfortunately for the boy, he was wearing glasses which broke after taking a ball to the face, the glasses broke into his eye and operations to save his sight have been unsuccessful.

This message is going out to all team managers, club officials, referees and league officials so that everyone is aware.

If you have any player on your team that plays in glasses please advise them and their parents that for their own safety and wellbeing they will not be allowed to participate in games until they have the correct and appropriate sports glasses/goggles. This ruling comes in to force immediately and has come from The FA.

*The above statement is in reference to the Warrington league, and DOES NOT cover all leagues at the moment*

My main aim is to help provide SAFETY, and also to try and PREVENT such tragic accidents like this happening in the future.

I have two Sons who both need glasses and my eldest son plays football currently, and i am fortunate to be in a position where myself and his mum can afford to purchase eyewear for him.

I am also a kids football coach and have been for around 2 years, we have 2 children who both require sports glasses and there are a growing number of children in our league who wear glasses.

UNFORTUNATELY..... not everybody can and that is a great shame.

Do we want our kids to be active? YES

Should kids be allowed to play sports they love? YES

Is it fair that we need to PAY for such luxuries? NO


Thank you for your help and cooperation in this matter.