Stop letting women go over 40 weeks pregnant

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The protocol for most pregnant women is to let them go over their due date by up to two weeks and this is usually when an induction is booked. There are little to no health benefits for baby or mother by letting her go overdue but there are risks that we are not told about. We put our trust into the NHS and their practices and protocols and some of the time we are let down. 

When pregnancies last for 40 weeks or longer, there is an increase in the risk of stillbirth and neonatal death, a large review of studies has found. The British review, published in PLOS Medicine, combined data from 13 studies of stillbirth and neonatal death involving more than 15 million pregnancies. The researchers found that stillbirths steadily rose with gestational age, from 0.11 per thousand births at 37 weeks to 3.18 per thousand at 42 weeks. The risk of neonatal death did not change between 38 and 41 weeks, but at 41 weeks or more the relative risk of a baby’s death in the first month increased slightly compared with 40 weeks. There is also evidence that babies allowed to go overdue are more likely to suffer behavioural problems such as ADHD in early life. 

I would like to propose that protocol is changed. I understand that not all women would want a medical intervention into the birth of their baby but it's an option that should be given and we should be told the risks of going overdue. I wasn't told, and my daughter passed away at 42 weeks gestation. The cord was wrapped around her and she grew so big that is ended up strangling her. I was never told any of the risks of stillbirth if you are allowed to go over your due date and I had no idea my daughter was in danger.

Please sign this petition so we can change things and hopefully help stop some mothers and babies going through the same heartbreak I know.