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Nexplanon/Implanon causing lifelong thyroid problems - must be researched

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This petition has been started because of the many women including myself that suffer from Hyperthyroidism. Initially I just took it for what it was and agreed to medication and did not look into it as I just took the doctors word of "it can happen". However, I have had the Nexplanon form of contraception in my arm for about 16 months now and remember that it can have side effects upon women's hormones. Just for curiousity I looked up Nexplanon and Thyroid problems and after now doing my own research upon a few websites and reading the comments, I have found that many women with implant forms of contraception also suffer from Thyroid problems, however it has also been said in the comments below that when women have asked their doctors about if the contraception could be a factor, that doctors dismiss that there could be a link and do not even bother looking into it. 

I find it very strange that women including myself have been diagnosed with Thyroid conditions after having the implants fitted/used them for some time and I feel that every effort should be made to ensure that they are safe and that women are not putting themselves at risk in any way. In my opinion there is just not enough known about this to rule out that they contribute to Hyperthyroidism. Why should women have to suffer from lifelong conditions and be on hormone pills amongst other medications, and even sometimes gain NHS exemption cards because there is so much medicine that they need daily to try and alleviate the horrible things that come with being a Hyperthyroid sufferer, just because they wish to prevent pregnancy?

Some of the symptoms to name a few are: 

Loss of energy, fatigue
Feeling cold and ill daily
Dry skin and hair
Hair loss
Weight gain
Loss of appetite
Memory loss
Feeling pins and needles in hands and feet
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Heavier or worsening menstrual periods and cramps
Growth delay (in children)

If it comes to pass that implants really do not contribute then I will rest my case and sincerely apologise to the NHS and all involved, but if there is any connection or causes connected with implants, then I call for the NHS and the government to get a solution fast and to stop promoting and giving the implant injections to women until they can prove they have one that will not make users become a Hyperthyroidism sufferer.

Please sign this petition to help women find the answers to this as if this is the cause it is up to us to stop any further suffering and find change.

Thank you for reading.

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