Make Carla Bellucci pay the NHS back the £7000 nose job she lied to get

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Carla Bellucci has been on the tv this morning recently. 

she has admitted to lying about having depression and breathing problems to get a £7000 nose job on the nhs

People who genuinely need operations or other forms of help from the nhs are turned down.

Carla needs to be made an example of otherwise it will teach people it's okay to lie to our valuable nhs which is struggling enough already with funds.

We need to get justice for this as it's disgusting how she sits on national tv almost bragging.

These are a few word for word sentences she said on tv 

"I think I am one of many people, and maybe I'm revealing cracks in the system. I'm not saying what I did was right but I'm not living in regret."

"I just said I wasn’t happy about my nose, that it didn’t make me happy, that I was experiencing breathing problems and it was making me depressed in day to day life. This was an exaggeration though, I had no proof of depression"



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