DONOT Close West Middlesex Hosiptal Dialysis Unit

DONOT Close West Middlesex Hosiptal Dialysis Unit

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Sita Latha Uppu started this petition to NHS and

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are creating this petition to raise our concerns regarding the closure of the West Middlesex Hospital Dialysis Unit. We are all patients, or relatives of patients, who attend this unit.

Earlier in the pandemic in 2020, we were all informed the dialysis unit was closed to regular patients in order to attend to Covid patients’ needs and to minimise the spread of the disease. We were content to accept this at first as it was meant to be temporary.

We have recently been informed, however, that this is no longer the case. Our local dialysis unit is to be closed down permanently and we are to be relocated to one of three other centres: Charing Cross, Hayes or Ealing.

For many of us, West Middlesex was a convenient location as it minimised our travel time and exposure to potential contagion. It also helped alleviate stress or anxiety. This allowed us to spend quality time at home with our family during this difficult time, as well as not disrupting our professional life.

Many of us now have to spend a large portion of our day away from our families which puts a toll on us mentally as well as physically. We are missing many special moments from our loved ones, as well as causing them to worry about our safety as we travel to busier areas to complete our treatment. This has also had a physical impact on our health as some of us who were able to walk with the aid of a walking stick are now using wheelchairs as the stress has physically affected our bodies as well as minds.

Many of us are able to manage the short travel time with minimal consequences, yet with longer journeys, many of us will suffer from travel sickness and nausea which weakens us physically even further. This means that the quality of our lives is suffering as we feel weaker and are unable to complete some of our normal daily routines.

It is also having a toll on the careers and work life of many of us. We risk our hours being cut back enormously, or even redundancy as we are unable to fulfil our work hours, as well as our standards of work slipping due to the stress and anxiety caused from worrying about how we are going to get to our treatments safely and on time.

We understand the reasons why we will not be able to attend permanently, yet ask that the current unit remain open for patients until permission for the new unit to be built is confirmed, or demolished. We have been given information that the unit will be rebuilt, yet we have not been given the confirmed date, nor do we see signs of a new unit being built. We would appreciate some more information on this.

We have been informed the unit is to be demolished to allow large vehicles access to the future building site. Yet they do not need to pass this way to get to the building site as there is a more convenient entrance for them to pass through. As well as this, the unit is not the closest to the building site, and we cannot understand why the dialysis unit has to be demolished for this reason.

We are asking that you please help maintain the opening of he West Middlesex Dialysis unit for us and the other patients who attend it as it will help us enormously. As well as this, it will also help ensure that we can minimise the spread ourselves by not interacting with a larger population during our travels to and from our treatments.

Requesting you all to Please sign this petition to help support us in asking for concrete information regarding the opening of the new centre and to keep this unit open until new until new unit is built which will help many of us still have some sort of normality during these difficult times. 

Thank You

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!