Fully acknowledge the Blended Diet for everyone who is tube-fed in the UK -- Give everyone a choice!

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How much milk could you take a day?  

Anyone who can swallow would give a plausible answer to this question, however those who can't swallow or are compromised in their swallow abilities don't have a say on this at present. Anyone who is fed by feeding tube - either a nasal gastric tube or via gastrostomy - will tell you 'I must take milk every meal time, every day, forever'.

The current diet form endorsed and promoted by the NHS and BDA in the UK is that of artificial/fortified formula milk. Essentially it is a mix of milk powder with lots of oil/fats and sugar in order to reach a prescribed calorie amount. 

For the short-term (ie. when ill in hospital or whilst in intensive care) this might all sound sensible, however what about all those who rely on a tube to receive their food on a constant basis, sometimes for their entire lifes? 

Over the last few years a wave of knowledge and experience has spread to the UK from America and there are now a growing group of parents, care giving partners and family who practise a new form of feeding: The Blended Diet. 

This is nothing radical, it's just nutritious, freshly prepared food, that is then blended and liquidised so it can be given via a feeding tube. Real varied healthy food rather than constant monotones fortified milk. (The one positive of a feeding tube is that the recipient can't taste the food, so especially with children, it is a great way of getting them to eat all their 'greens' etc.)

The current regulation means you are not allowed to feed real blended food to a patient in any official setting (eg. hospitals, schools, care homes etc) and will not be supported by the NHS if you feed a Blended Diet at home.  


This petition is a call out to the UK Government, the British Dietics Association and the NHS to acknowledge and allow the Blended Diet as an alternative form of feeding for anyone who relies on a feeding tube.

Our key goals of this campaign: 

1. Giving parents, patients and care givers a diet choice for tube-feeding.

2. Enable Educational/Social and Care institutions to follow the selected tube-feeding diet (a lot of red tape currently prevents children from receiving their blended diet meals at school etc - they are in fact being denied the chance to 'eat' the same foods orally feeding children get).

3. Increase (Establish) knowledge & support between dieticians/physicians and patients to ensure a nutritionally complete diet without prejudice.


By making the Blended Diet a 'legal' form of feeding for anyone who relies on a tube, we hope the following positive attributes of this diet will help many more out there: 

- Reduction (or in many cases complete stop) of Reflux 

- Reduction (or in many cases complete stop) of Constipation 

- Reduction (or in many cases complete stop) of Sleep, Eczema etc problems

- Increase of physical development (healthy weight gain etc)

An added benefit would be to help cut costs for the NHS overall - by way of reducing the need for artificial formula milk as well as the overall need of excessive levels of medication to regulate the normal day to day. 


So, the essence is... to feed real food to everyone who has a feeding tube. 

Please help make this possible by adding your signature to this petition and give those who would like to reduce their daily milk intake a loud voice and a healthy choice. 

Thank you!