Condemn the police brutality in Jamia Millia & demand strict inquiry against the police

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Dear All

Jamia Millia Islamia, a central university in Delhi has been attacked by the Delhi Police on 15th Dec, 2019. The police entered the university and lathi-charged the students, fired tear gas and bullets on the students and also damaged the university library, hostels and other public spaces in the university.

The police action is a grave violation of human rights of students of Jamia Millia Islamia which is also a minority institution. The students were protesting peacefully against the Citizenship amendment act and had also distanced themselves from the violence which had occurred on the streets as they were only a part of the peaceful protests and yet the police entered the university campus and made the students hostages and also physically attacked them as a result of which many students have been injured. A student of law, Minhajuddin has lost his one eye due to the police brutality unleashed in the library. The Jamia administration has also issued a statement that they did not allow the police to enter the campus and they entered the campus forcefully. 

I request you all to support this petition and demand a strict inquiry against police action in Jamia.