Traffic jam on NH8

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I am a regular commuter to Gurgaon (now Gurugram) from Delhi for over 10 years like million others who come to Gurugram for their jobs. I have seen the infrastructure evolving every year, new building being developed, city being renamed, tolls coming in and going out. But, the one thing which remains stagnant is the traffic jam right from the entrance of NH8 till Rajokari flyover (the flyover in front of radisson blu). I am sure if you are a daily commuter you have come across it almost everyday.

I have come to realise that the biggest reason for this is entry 2 on NH8. This is where the traffic beneath the Rajokri flyover merges with the traffic on NH8. I find this entrance totally worthless and the major root cause for this chaos everyday. While vehicles merge at this entrance they slow down the vehicles coming at speed from the flyover and also kind of create a slow moving lane. This creates a havoc on the highway everyday wasting our time and what to say of the fuel that all of us burn while being stuck in this bloody jam. In my opinion any vehicle which merges on the highway can continue in the service lane parallel to NH8 and merge at the ex toll plaza (the road is twice as broad here) since both the roads go straight to Gurgaon. This will ensure the traffic to free flow on the entire highway until ex toll plaza.

It is time to get united and awaken the authorities to see and feel the pain of being stuck in this life sucking jam. If you also feel this, please sign this petition and let's make our life a bit more easier. Imagine the comfort of driving with no Jam at least till the ex toll plaza.

Happy commuting! 

Lalit Singh