Traffic free - Tollgate

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Every toll gate on the National Highways is very challenging in terms of the lengthy queue. During festival or long vacation times, it takes at least 30 minutes to 1 hour for each toll. This extra time gets added to our total travel hours putting more burden on the drivers who drive long distance. Fastag is one of the best methods that government introduced, however, the fulfilment of very less traffic at toll plaza is not achieved. Day by day, the vehicles crossing the toll gates are increasing.

After demonetization, central government introduced PayTM Digital Payment services in all the Toll gates across the country. Even though it is currently active, the queue is still not in a controllable state. PayTM barcodes are placed only near the counters or few feet before. Drivers have to spend few minutes to scan the barcodes which delay the other vehicles to move on.

A simple idea is, to have all the toll gate as traffic-free is to make the PayTM barcode in bigger sizes [ex: A4 size & above] and paste the printout sheet as hoarding every 50 meters starting 0.5kms before we reach the toll gate counter. This way drivers can scan the PayTM barcode on their mobile well in advance and make their payment before they reach the counter. Just showing the receipt of payment in mobile, the traffic can be moved in less than few seconds. This way, all vehicles can cross the toll gate in less than few minutes which saves a lot of our valuable times, emission of CO2 by vehicles, fuel wastage, high speed of vehicles after crossing the toll gate, etc.

Will the NHAI / Ministry of Transport & Highway department take steps in making the toll gates as traffic-free?