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Bruno's Law To Amend Current Animal Cruelty Laws to Make Shooting a Domestic Animal to Euthanize it a Felony in NH.

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In September of 2015, it came to the attention of the people of Berlin NH that a dog named Bruno had been brutally shot and left for dead in the woods by his owner, a local Berlin man. Bruno was shot multiple times and left to suffer alone. Bruno's body was discovered by another local, who called the police. The Berlin Police Department investigated this heinous act, but despite overwhelming evidence. They will not be pressing any charges. During an interview performed by WMUR News, the officer speaking on behalf of the Berlin PD, stated that the present legal statute on animal cruelty is not specific as to the legality of this terrible act. It states other acts, such as whipping an animal are illegal, but leaves a gray area as to shooting one to death. Our goal is to get the State of New Hampshire to make it a crime for an animal to be killed in a cruel manner like Bruno was. To bring an animal into the woods, shoot them multiple times on various party of their body, then leave them there in the forest to die alone and afraid is CRUEL. His owner had several other options available to him that he chose to ignore. New Hampshire must make wording of animal cruelty law clear, it must be enforced and it must outline what sort of punishment any law breaker can expect to receive. We believe that cruelty to animals must be made a felony so that never again will a person get away with murdering a defenseless animal. No living thing deserves Bruno's fate. By signing this petition, we can make change. We can bring an amendment before the State Legislature for vote, and maybe we can save a life. Even one would be worth it. I'm from Berlin, and I still live in NH. Please, don't let this beautiful state be one that let's those who are cruel to animals get away with it. The animals deserve better than that.

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