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Help reveal the modern-day slave trade, read about, and advocate with, Not For Sale's Office in DC  :)



Not For Sale Opens Office in DC   :)

Not For Sale Campaign's: DC Headquarters   :)

The Not For Sale Campaign is pleased to announce the opening of its Washington, DC Office! Kilian Moote (Policy Director) and Allison Trowbridge (Communications Director) have just returned from our nation's capital, where they furnished the office and prepared for its launch.

With over 45 State and Province Directors now in North America, the office will serve as a key focal point for connecting operations from the East coast to National Headquarters in San Francisco. The office will also serve as the hub for the upcoming Advocacy Days: March 2010, where Abolitionists from across the globe will gather to lobby their nation's leaders and state representatives. Mark your calendars now for this multinational event!

An office launch party is scheduled for later this year, so you can help us with the necessary house-warming for our new East coast abode. Until then, the office will be used for Not For Sale's DC and Maryland Operations. If you are in the region and would like to get involved, contact Becca Feehs ( or Katie Hoffman ( respectively.

And finally, to answer your most pressing question: Is the furniture actually orange?

...You bet it is! (Would you expect anything else from NFSC?).

Uganda has been plagued for over twenty years by internal war between the government and the Lord's Resistance Army. The war has caused untold numbers of abductions, torture, rape and deaths throughout the northern regions of the country. Many of the women were directly affected by the war.  They, or family members, have been abducted from their villages and many suffer from HIV/AIDS due to these atrocities.
Over one-million of the Acholi people have been displaced, many forcibly entered into refugee camps. The camps provide little refuge due to poor security and lack of healthcare, proper sanitation, and jobs. The endemic poverty is hardest on the children who often go hungry and have little opportunity to grow out of their current situation.

Yet in the midst of this suffering, women are finding creative ways to provide for themselves and their families through the art of jewelry making. This gorgeous line of hand-made pieces is difficult to sell in the region (as there is little market for boutique jewelry) --  so the Freedom Store is proud to announce itself as the newest avenue for sales!

In the face of ongoing war and the struggle to provide basic necessities, these women demonstrate beautiful determination and immense hope.

To view more of their jewelry or to support them through your purchases,
click HERE.

State Director Nadia Luccin has been on the move in Ohio! The state operation has commenced with its first official Not For Sale Ohio meeting, seeing a fantastic turnout of impassioned volunteers.

Here are just a few highlights of what's happening at NFS Ohio:

Collaborating with Police Detectives as they begin a three month
mapping project ensuring that the information and evidence they'll be compiling aids law enforcement follow-up.Working with another local group to open a home for domestic survivors (minors) of human trafficking. Training volunteers to visit prisons and work with young women who have been forced into prostitution, in order to offer them assistance and support when they are released (and protect them from future exploitation).Meeting with Ohio State Representatives to discuss tougher legislation on human trafficking across the region.Serving alongside government figures, FBI, local police, survivors and service providers on a sub-committee of the Trafficking in Persons Study Commission, created under the Attorney General to collaboratively combat human trafficking in Ohio.
It's remarkable to see all that is already happening in Ohio. If you are interested in joining forces regionally, or pursuing a Not For Sale Ohio internship, contact Nadia --

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