We Stand with Mike Vick - 2020 Pro Bowl Captain.

We Stand with Mike Vick - 2020 Pro Bowl Captain.

December 6, 2019
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Started by BLM 757

We understand that people make mistakes, and from those mistakes we must grow. Michael Vick is beloved by his family, as well as his hometown of Newport News and local area in which we call “The 757” (Land of many BLACK athletic icons such as Allen Iverson, Gabby Douglas , Lawrence Taylor, Bruce Smith, and MANY more). We do not condone his actions that were displayed in the past, but Mr. Vick has paid those debts more than 10 fold. Not only was Mr. Vick incarcerated for his actions, he was also fined heavily. Since then, he has taken it upon himself to be a pillar of hope in the community putting on free football clinics for the youth , amongst other acts of greater good. He has also donated over a million dollars into the animals harmed.


11 years have passed, and Mr. Vick has shown that he is more than worthy of forgiveness. Mr. Vick is a loving husband, and father, who cares deeply about his COMMUNITY. 

We the people will not stand by idle, as America attempts to tear down yet another BLACK man, and relinquish him of his well earned LEGACY. It is our hope that the NFL will keep Mr. Vick as the well deserved Pro Bowl captain of the 2020 exhibition. 

All have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God, and deserve second chances... Yet he who is without sin, cast the first stone. 

Unfortunately, there are people in this society that will not allow individuals to evolve and grow, but we are going to counter act that position.  
It’samazing how some people in society can somehow be forgiven for their crimes and be allowed to move forward with their lives while others fall prey to constant and continuous condemnation and scrutiny. Just like he has individuals or groups that are against him, he has an ENTIRE VILLAGE that supports and stands with him!  For every action there is a reaction. These collected signatures are evidence that HE IS NOT ALONE.  

Mr. Michael Vick WE support you... And may your legacy CONTINUE to grow �� 
NFL We STAND with your selection, to have Mr. Michael Vick as 1 of your 2020 Pro Bowl Captains. 



This petition made change with 17,816 supporters!

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