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The NFL/NFLRA needs to investigate Pete Morelli's bias against the Philadelphia Eagles

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Yesterday, the Thursday Night Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Carolina Panthers was refereed by Pete Morelli and his crew. Throughout the course of the game, the Eagles received 10 penalties for 126 yards, while the Carolina Panthers received only 1 penalty for 1 yard. While many penalties in the NFL are judgement calls by the officials, and they deserve the benefit of the doubt, this was not the first incidence of lopsided officiating by Pete Morelli.

Last year, in a week 5 matchup against the Detroit Lions, the Eagles received a staggering 14 penalties for 111 yards, while the Lions received only 2 penalties for 18 yards. In total, over the past 4 Philadelphia Eagles games officiated by Pete Morelli and his crew, the Philadelphia Eagles have received 40 penalties for a total of 396 yards, while opponents have received 8 penalties for a total of 72 yards.

There are some calls against the Eagles that are fair, and deserve to be flagged by the officials, as there always has been, and always will be in the game of football. Having said that, 30 more penalties and 300 more yards than opponents in the past 4 games is more than just a statistical improbability, it is clear evidence of bias against the Philadelphia Eagles by Pete Morelli. Lopsided officiating has a direct and negative impact on the Philadelphia Eagles' ability to win football games.

I am calling on Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, as well as Tony Steratore, President of the NFLRA, to open an investigation on Pete Morelli and his officiating crew regarding bias against the Philadelphia Eagles. There is more than enough evidence to warrant an investigation, and the Philadelphia Eagles deserve the chance to play the game against only one opponent, and not two. 

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