Remove Michael Vick from PROFESSIONAL SPORTS and associated platforms including a job

Remove Michael Vick from PROFESSIONAL SPORTS and associated platforms including a job

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Michael Vick is not a hero and should NOT ever be placed in a position of authority on any subject matter.  He is a MONSTER.  He is one of the monsters we warn our children about.  The fact that Nike and the NFL want to pretend that we all forgot what he did is INSULTING and an atrocity. Most people are aware that Michael Vick was a dogfighter. They may even have illusions of what they think dogfighting is at its worst or the suspected actions that take place. However, what Vick did was not simple dogfighting.  Actually, what he did is considered by the psychology experts, to be the BEGINNING OF A SOCIOPATH at the MINIMUM, if not a serial killer.

I have struggled really hard with trying not to hold a past against someone because I believe in forgiving and that people can change. I have come to the conclusion that some things and some characteristic traits are simply unchangeable.  Some of those acts are what he chose to do.  Lets Look at the FACTS of the investigation.

Picture your dog or your friends dog tossed to a couple of animals trained to fight for humans. Imagine that animal screaming as it is being ripped apart ALIVE and having its throat ripped out. Imagine the person that tossed that helpless animal to the other animals just laughing as it occurs and later admitting he thought it was funny. That person who tossed the animals to the others is Michael Vick.

Michael Vick took a bucket used to hold water, filled it with water, and held dogs heads in it until they drowned while they were tied and forced to stands on land.  He thought it was funny.

Have you ever thought of the image of a dog hanging in a noose? Yeah, Michael Vick did that too. He also picked them up over his head before slamming them downward on concrete at his full force over and over.  Imagine a 225 pound ++ man and a 60 pound dog - picture it.....Yep, that was also Micheal Vick.  We all know the strength of professional athletes, it's part of why we watch them. Imagine the blunt force trauma that dog felt as it hit concrete over and over from not dying the first time.  Yep, that's the potential 2020 ProBowl Hall of Famer.

There's more....He also attached jumper cables to their ears and tossed them in a pool to electrocute them.  Yep, admitted by Michael Vick.  SICK.

This is not about dogfighting. That has become a separate issue. The acts in dogfighting are disgusting and reprehensible. What Vick did was to take it one step further and find a way to legitimately torture dogs like a horror movie.

I know that he went to prison (he was sentenced to 23 months under RICO), but that was not for the animal torture.  Only for the "dog fighting".

In Virginia, he was charged with two class-6 felonies, which each carried a maximum of 5 years in prison. He submitted a guilty plea to a single Virginia felony charge for dogfighting, receiving a 3-year prison sentence suspended on condition of good behavior, and a $2,500 fine. In return for the plea agreement, the other charge was dropped.

Everyone else, but animal advocates, seem unaware of what he truly did and most are probably unaware of the time he actually served and for what basis.

Upon exiting prison for RICO:

He received a sponsorship from Nike and he went back to playing in the NFL.

Now, he is an analyst on TV for football and he was just selected as a legends captain for the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl.  All because the man could run fast with a football.  And the general public does not seem to mind one bit about any of it.

Michael Vick is NOT a hero, or anyone that should be looked up to, admired, desired as a "great sports analyst" or listed as a "legend" - being a legend is not only about your accomplishments but it's about your character, of which clearly, Michael Vick has none.  I ask that people sign this petition to remove Michael Vick as a 2020 NFL ProBowl Hall of Famer, banned from receiving any notoriety, removed from Nike's sponsorship and actually stripped on any professional titles he has.  Legends are people deserving of admiration - Michael Vick is not one of those individuals.

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