My name is Angelica and I am trying to bring more awareness to Childhood Cancer by having the NFL/MLB wear Gold for September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I volunteer with Texas Children’s Hospital here in Houston, Texas with three organizations and it is the hardest, saddest, and eye opening experience I have ever seen.  I do this because if I was in this position I would want someone to help me and fight for me and my child. 7 INNOCENT CHILDREN GO WITH JESUS A DAY 46 CHILDREN AND FAMILIES ARE TOLD "YOUR CHILD HAS CANCER" A DAY Childhood Cancer will NOT go away unless a cure is found, but that won’t happen until more awareness is made and funding and a CURE IS FOUND. Please help me in making a difference and helping all these innocent children. They need us to be their voices and speak up and fight for them.
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  • NFL/MLB Wear Gold For September For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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