My name is Angelica and I am trying to bring more awareness to Childhood Cancer by having the NFL/MLB wear Gold for September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I volunteer with Texas Children’s Hospital here in Houston, Texas with three organizations and it is the hardest, saddest, and eye opening experience I have ever seen.  I do this because if I was in this position I would want someone to help me and fight for me and my child. 7 INNOCENT CHILDREN GO WITH JESUS A DAY 46 CHILDREN AND FAMILIES ARE TOLD "YOUR CHILD HAS CANCER" A DAY Childhood Cancer will NOT go away unless a cure is found, but that won’t happen until more awareness is made and funding and a CURE IS FOUND. Please help me in making a difference and helping all these innocent children. They need us to be their voices and speak up and fight for them.
Letter to
NFL/MLB Wear Gold For September For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Dear Commissioner ,

On Behalf of “NFL/MLB Wear GOLD For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month” I am writing to request your personal attention and organizations support for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September. We are inviting you and your staff of your organization to wear gold stickers, wristbands, or other items to show your support during the month of September. You have such a positive influence in our community we believe that the initiation and support of wearing this from the National Football League and Major League Baseball will promote Childhood Cancer Awareness and encourage others to participate in this movement.

Childhood Cancer is the leading cause of death among children in the United States. Only one (1) new drug in the last twenty (20) years has been approved for pediatric cancer. Thirty Five hundred (3500) children are diagnosed each year, seven (7) children pass away daily, Forty Six (46) are diagnosed a day with the most common being Leukemia, one (1) in three hundred thirty (330) children develop cancer before the age of (nine-teen) 19 years old.

Our main mission is to raise awareness and FIND A CURE to save 1 child at a time. We know the NFL and MLB work and help different foundations and organizations with Pediatric Cancer and that is Great but there needs to be more awareness to help stop this from happening every single day. All we am asking is for you to wear GOLD during the month of September to help bring more awareness, to raise more funding, to help find a CURE.

We started a petition that has 2,750 signatures and rising to help show you how important this is to so many including families of Pediatric Cancer Patients fighting, who have passed because there is NO CURE, or in remission but living with many side effects.

We would like to speak to you more regarding this and how you can help us make more of a difference in our community for Childhood Cancer. Thank you for your time and attention regarding this, we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Angelica Rangel & Nolan Conway (Pediatric Cancer Survivor)
(832) 412-0901

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