Josh Allen for NFL MVP

Josh Allen for NFL MVP

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Enough is enough, it's time to shift focus from the Mahomes and Rodgers debate and seriously consider Josh Allen for NFL MVP. Most Valuable Player is defined as just that, "...the most valuable player in the National Football League during the regular season." Past MVP awards, Super Bowl rings and All-State commercials should have absolutely zero bearing on this years vote; what have you done for me lately? 

We can bore you with those stats about how JA17 has continuously blown out teams before the halftime show, but we'll leave that to Colinsworth and the staff at Pro Football Focus. Searching online, you might need to sift through MVP Debates that include terms like "Mahomes Rate", "Discount Double Check" or reasoning that's based off past seasons accolades. Buried deep in those same publications you'll find the outlier in a journalist who doesn't shy away from the truth, that Josh Allen is this years MVP. Nick Wright, Domonique Foxworth and others who can't accept the fact that we finally have a viable candidate in Buffalo, are nothing other than white noise. So at Shorty McBills, a group of Mafia faithful, we decided to take a few moments to breakdown what we believe are the most important factors of an MVP candidate.

Rightfully so, if you don't perform on the field then this debate would be irrelevant. With that being said, Josh Allen is smashing records in 716 passing the great Jim Kelly. Single season passing touchdowns, yards, completion percentage and more are just a few examples of the torch being passed. Not even up for debate, Josh Allen just completed the single best season for a Quarterback in Buffalo Bills history; next.

There's no controversy, no egos and no superstars. We don't have divas, we don't have drama and nobody is bigger than the team. Coach McDermott instilled the belief to "Trust The Process" and the entire City of Buffalo has bought in. Josh Allen is the beacon of hope that this community has been missing since the 1990's. His leadership qualities on the field have raised the level of play from each and every player, without question. We've heard multiple times from countless players how they'd all run through a wall for JA17 and that is often an unseen characteristic of a player you'd label as the most valuable. But what about off the field...

Following the passing of his grandmother, Josh Allen quietly delivered yet another MVP performance out-dueling fellow candidate Russell Wilson. After the news broke of Patricia Allens passing, #BillsMafia went to work. In denominations of $17, over $700,000 was raised for Oishei Childrens Hospital. Josh Allen stepped in along the way and made a gratuitous donation himself. He then took to Twitter and sent out what has become an infamous tweet when he said "At a loss for words. Buffalo, I love you". The stats and the on-field presence speak for themselves, but when you have the ability to affect change in society during such a dark time, that speaks volumes. 

We set out to write this following a dime that Josh Allen dropped to John Brown to wrap up a 3 touchdown first half. Thoughts of Bills Mafia sarcasm and humor was the original intent but we don't want the truth to be over shadowed by broken table puns and Bills Mafia rhetoric. As we wrap it up, The Bills are up 49-13 and about to complete the sweep of the AFC East. With 12 minutes to go, there he is - Josh Allen up off the bench chasing down practice squad running back Antonio Williams after getting snubbed on a hi-five. 

This is what we've come to know. 
Josh is our future.
Josh is the process.
Josh is your MVP.

Go Bills!

- The team at Shorty McBills

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!