Have Roger Goodell Commissioner of the NFL to investigate the Houston Texans Ownership.

Have Roger Goodell Commissioner of the NFL to investigate the Houston Texans Ownership.

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JABraylon Vanzandt started this petition to Roger Goodell

This petition was created for the NFL and the commissioner of the league Roger Goodell to investigate the organization and ownership of the NFL Houston Texans.

Commissioner Goodell has the authority to use his powers such as the little-known clause in the NFL's bylaws gives league.

Commissioner Roger Goodell the power to order the sale of a team if an owner “is guilty of conduct detrimental to the welfare of the league or professional football.

Jack Easterby VP of Football Operations with the Houston Texans has been involved in behavior and conduct that has violated the practices of the league and professional sports.

The CEO of the Houston Texans is easily influenced by his right hand man first it was Bill O’Brien and signing off on the decisions he made.

Next, it was Jack Easterby who has been involved in terminating people above his station and going for power grabs in the vacuum.

Easterby has been confirmed to being involved in terminating pervious GM Brian Gaine who had been on the job for only 17 months back in 2018-2019 NFL season.

Then was discovered to have flown to New England, FoxBrough during their Ring Ceremony.

He was conversing with at the time Player Personnel and GM of the New England Patriots Nick Caserio, the Patriots had filed tampering charges against the team as a result .

Recently not even a month ago Cal McNair had hired a search committee to help him search for a GM and a Head Coach.

Cal McNair didn’t hear out what they had to say and basically wasted money, time and resources to go after someone the committee.

Did not sign off on or recognize as a valuable option and by that I mean he wasn’t in the final 5 candidates that were signed off on by the committee and the staff under Jack Easterby.

The NFL Rooney Rule was violated since they didn’t interview everyone that was available under the rule for each vacant spot.

It spits in the face of what the Ronnie Rule was created for so which brings cause forth for an investigation by the NFL for failure to follow league protocols and regulations.

The candidates have reported that the interviews were fake since the process was way to quick and done within the span of two days.

The entire Houston Texans fan base and many Houston Media Outlets have supported the NFL in pushing for an investigation.

90% of the players and staff with the team have reported that the environment in the organization is toxic and tensions are high.

The thing about Jack Easterby is that he is a Chaplin with no football management background most of his resume is full of lies.

It was confirmed in an investigation by individuals around the league such as Matt Florio as to what Jack Easterby does with the team and what he has done during his tenure in the league.

Would you let someone who has no experience or knowledge in your field and industry be in charge of running a billion dollar organization?

It doesn’t make any sense and is an embarrassment to the National Football League and the business of Professional Sports.

You put a product on the field and the fans and companies that have investments in the NFL are supposed to accept it.

The owners for all the franchises in the NFL should be ashamed with being associated with an owner that can’t even make a business decision.

There are teams around that league that have their flaws either in the front office, coaches, or ownership but the Texans have all three and then some.

All of the other teams in the league with those flaws actively try to fix those flaws such as the New York Jets they are terrible.

The Jets have issues with ownership they are at least trying to fix their organization in the front office and with coaching.

The Bengals are terrible in the front office at least their ownership is making changes that will help them improve their product on the field and are on the same page as the front office.

The Dolphins were terrible when it comes to the product they put on the field and the front office works with the owner to make the right business decisions to get better.

The New York Football Giants are terrible with coaching decisions and ownership the owner is making changes slowly.

To improve their organization from top to bottom by ask other owners how to run the organization.

The owners work with the front office to implement a strategy to change the culture their and that change makes it’s way into the coaching room.

The Washington Football Team owned by Dan Snyder an organization that doesn’t even have a name is ran better than the Houston Texans in certain facets.

The WFT has been making changes in the front office and with their coaching staff to make the team a success.

They had questionable decisions by the owner who has been involved in controversies before that have also called for him to sell his franchise.

At least Dan Snyder cares enough about his team to let the people that know what they are doing based on their knowledge and experience in the game and business of professional football.

Dan Snyder is making small strives to change the culture in DC with the hiring of Head Coach Ron Rivera and is currently working with Coach Rivera although reluctantly to make changes in the front office.  Also trying to find a GM that fits the culture the team desires to implement going forward.

Even Dan Snyder who is a Jerry Jones wannabe most of the Washington fan base deemed him to be the discount Dollar Store version of Jerry Jones that has the ego but not the success or cashew of Jerry.

The Cleveland Browns a team that was the laughing stock of the league for decades has started to turn around their problems with player personnel and coaching hires.

Problems in the front office related to the direction the owner wants to go and what the coaches want to implement has persisted but is getting better.

It appears that both parties are on the same page going forward at the least the Browns have realized what changes they need to make to be a success.

The Detroit Lions ownership Bob Quinn and his mess of a franchise has problems in picking coaches, paying players, and sometimes finishing games.

They are at least stable in the front office and ownership knows how to make smart decisions related to business and football.

The problem with the Lions is their culture and mentality in how to finish out a game by changing from a try not to lose mentality to a winning mentality.

Jerry Jones in the Dallas Cowboys most if not all of the decisions run through Jerry which is the opposite of Cal McNair in every shape and fashion.

McNair if he was smart would ask Jerry Jones how to run a football team he is only a few hours away.

Jerry Jones for his faults at least known that how to let the people that know what they are doing help him run the organization that is the Dallas Cowboys.

The Houston Texans have no real identity, have an owner in Janice who lets her son run the franchise when it is clear that he has shown time and time again to have no football knowledge.

No interest in running the team but reaps the benefits of the product in the form of sponsors and fans that buy the season passes.

His approach is if the profit is in the green it is good, if it is in the red then there is a problem.

McNair relies on Jack Easterby and no one else to help him make decisions a guy that has no experience with managing a football team or how to run a front office.

They copy the Patriots which has been proven to have failed around the league almost every single time except for the former GM of the Patriots and current GM of the Tennessee Titans Jon Robinson.

Arguably one can say Brian Flores is the only Belichick disciple to have a successful tenure outside New England in how to build a culture of his own.

He doesn’t outright copy the ‘Patriot Way’ which has proven to be unsuccessful 100% outside of New England without Belichick and Tom Brady.

Even with one of those individuals your success rate to copy the ‘Patriot Way’ is roughly 25% at best.

You need to have both pieces for it to realistically work, if you have Brady then you can pick his brain and ask what could feasibly work based on your situation.

If you ask Bill Belichick he might be flattered (inside) that you want to copy him but if he was honest with you he would say find your own culture.

The record for Belichick disciples once they leave his organization is 212-298 in total is 510 games with 212 wins equals 41.56% not even 50%.

Romeo Crennel, Bill O’Brien, Matt Patricia, Bob Quinn, Jason Licht, Eric Mangini, Josh McDaniels, Weis and many more on the only ones out of the group of coaches that had somewhat minor success but never won a super bowl.

Are RAC, BOB, Mike Vrabel, and recent Brian Flores while the General Managers are mostly misses rather than hits.

GM’s Jon Robinson and Thomas Dimitroff are the most successful GM’s from the Belichick tree while the others have failed more often than not.

Dimitroff has on record stated that, “No one can do what Belichick does. Categorically. The  people that have learned from Belichick and then go somewhere else and try to be like Belichick.” They struggle, because it wasn’t as natural.

It is not useful to look at the past 20 years of success that Belichick and Brady had as a duo and by association the New England Franchise.

When people say ‘The Patriot Way,’ most of them think is the ‘Do Your Job’ mentality it doesn’t work.
Since you’re not Belichick which includes all of his traits that make him so successful.

With all the success the Patriots had during their 20 year run they are terrible at drafting weapons for the qb, defensive positions, and other offense positions.

If an I drafted player can outwork the drafted player time and time again in OTA’s and in practice then they will get the nod from Belichick to start over the drafted player.

The Patriots are successful in getting the most out of a player that others teams have failed to or didn’t know how to use the player regardless of position.

The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots when they draft a player they look at not only the players entire background but also look at what roles the player can excel at.

Versatile players that can catch on quickly to changes in schemes and be able to adapt to an entirely new game plan each week because of the type of players they have.

The Houston Texans and the McNairs have repeatedly failed to grasp this simple concept almost a decade of trying to copy the Patriots and you have never reached a Super Bowl.

Let alone the AFC Championship Round, Albert Einstein has summed up the Houston Texans as it currently stands,

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result.” 

The Lions, Dolphins, Bills, Browns, Falcons, wherever Josh McDaniels goes, and the Houston Texans have all failed every single time.

Bill O’Brien, Josh McDaniels, Eric Mangini, and Weis have all been proven to have large egos. Which makes it hard to work with them or tell them anything that can help them.

Jack Easterby is egotistical to the point he was compared to a villain from the Game of Thrones franchise.

Which means like the other disciples from the Belichick tree that have large egos you can not  teach them anything or tell them anything since they are the ‘smartest guy’ in the room.

The smart guy in football can adapt to the environment they are in, build around the players they have on their roster, and can admit that they are wrong.

Bill Belichick is from the Bill Parcells tree which consists of Sean Payton, Tony Sparano, Tom Coughlin, and Todd Haley.

You have a better chance of asking each one of those coaches from the Bill Parcells tree the simple questions,

“How do I build a team, or what strategy do I use to build a culture based on my situation?” 

Nick Caserio is an unknown when it comes to what he has exactly been credited with building in the draft and going after free agents in New England.

Please support this petition because it doesn’t appear the Houston Texans and their ownership know what they are doing.
The Texans have proven they are in a echo chamber of mediocrity and unaccountability which starts at the top.  




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