NFL Playoffs: Add 4 teams to the playoffs.

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Since 1978, only 10 wildcard teams out of 292 have moved on to win the Super Bowl. Number 1 and 2 seeds earned a home-field advantage; however, the Bye Week creates an unfair advantage. Wildcard teams play hard the previous week with less time to prepare for a road game against a tough opponent. The number 1 and 2 seeds each have extra time to prepare and rest for the divisional round.

Adding four teams is a win-win for the fans and the NFL. Four professional teams who were possibly a little better than their record suggests would get a shot at the top-ranked teams in their conference. This is an easy change. A no-brainer. More seats to be sold. More history to be had. More talk for the shows and less predictability on who may show up to the Super Bowl. If you're still reading this, help make the NFL Playoffs a little more interesting. Sign and share this petition. Let's get the attention of the competition committee to make this happen.

To Clarify, The number 1 seed would face the number 8 seed while the number 2 seed would face the number 7 seed. Highest seeds keep homefield advantage.