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NFL Boycott

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Today it became apparent that the NFL plans to do nothing to stop the controversary surrounding standing or kneeling. This is now not only happening on our nations soil, but during the London game as well. Whether you believe these players have the right to do so or not because of their freedoms, they are paid employees during their time on the field and they should not be allowed to take a political stance during such time.

-Why this must stop?


-How can we expect change?

1) Not watching NFL games on TV, listening to NFL games on the radio, or attending any NFL games.

2) Not playing any NFL related games such as Fantasy Football through ESPN, Yahoo, Draft Kings, etc.

3) Not watching NFL network.

4) Not purchasing any NFL products.

-What would we like done?

Give players the option to either come out and respectfully participate in the pregame ceremony or stay in the locker room until after it is finished. Once they walk onto that field there should be no division and no political statements being made. They are being paid to play football.


I am starting this petition because I am tired of NFL players, who we are ultimately paying by doing all of the above, using our American sport to take a political stance while playing for the National Football League. NFL football is supposed to be something that brings us all together even when we are competing. If the NFL commissioner refuses to put a stop to this, let us join together and refuse to spend money or time on the NFL all together. 

I had season tickets last year, play fantasy, and planned to get club tickets for mine and my boyfriend two year anniversary this year. This is not a decision I take joy in, but it is a decision I feel I must make to be able to enjoy watching NFL football again.

Let us all stand together and refuse to let our relaxation on Sundays turn into a political debate. If they continue to allow this, what will they allow in the future? 

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