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Dungeon Fighter Online(DFO) is a unique gaming experience that we simply cannot get anywhere else, and with the proper tender love and care--which the game hasn't gotten in recent months--it could bloom into something great again. The reason DFO is shutting down is because it wasn't getting enough support, and its fanbase was shrinking... But the reason for this, or at least in the opinions of many of the fans the game still had, was because of the decline in updates the game had gotten recently, especially in comparison with the Korean version of the game, DNF. Nexon, we urge you as players to reverse your mindset. Instead of scrapping the game, why not improve it? Why not put it on par with DNF? In the end, you're likely to turn a huge profit out of the situation, even if you have to spend some money on new employees to get there.

Letter to
Nexon of America
We, who have signed this petition on, demand that DFO is reopened, saved, and brought to the glory and standard that DNF, the Korean version of the game, sets.

If this demand is not met, we are willing to close out our accounts, and suggest that our friends do the same, until Dungeon Fighter Online is reopened in America and Canada. If Dungeon Fighter Online is not reopened, we will never return.

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