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Nexon America: To fix and/or upgrade the game service protocols for Vindictus

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For quite some time now, the East Coast and West Coast servers that resides within the game "Vindictus" has seen numerous levels of instability and various other problems that have caused the game servers to become severely "unplayable" at times.

What's worse, since 2010, the year Vindictus was launched in North America, Nexon America has yet to properly crack down on Gold-sellers in-game, as well as other types of third-party trading and illegal game activities.

Now as a loyal player who has stuck it out with Nexon America and Vindictus since the early days of "Closed Beta" (My Fiona still uses the "Early Bird" title in remembrance), i have watched many online gaming buddies come and go in Vindictus, including closer online friends i still play with to this day; quit Vindictus -NOT because at one point there was a fatigue system, or that there were innumerably moments the game felt repetitive and boring back when the content of Vindictus was scarce, or even because the lack of in-depth Guild features or silly in-game chat bugs..... BUT solely over poor game-service.

The game service has always had it's up's and down's, and rightly so considering what type of game this is. But considering that the Korean version has far less network and service issues verses those of the North American version, i honestly feel that a line has to be drawn somewhere in deeming what is acceptable and unacceptable game service.

More importantly, Cash-shoppers who spend money on a game that they can no longer obtain optimal performance from (which at once point the service was optimal) is like a big slap in the face.

The lack of actual communication to the game's community greatly fuels the frustration and disgruntlement even further, where days will go by before a Moderator steps into a forum thread to leave a short and often vague message, leaving more to the imagination rather then a simply explanation.

I for one have had enough, because the game "Vindictus" is a really well-designed and beautiful game, and it deserves more then what Nexon America has been able to provide in terms of service.

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