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Re-Route Quarry Trucks Off of Swamp Road in Newtown, PA

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Newtown Township Board of Supervisors:

We are a group of residents who would like to express safety concerns as a result of quarry truck traffic which starts very early morning and continues until evening on Swamp Road.  The quarry trucks drive much faster than the speed limit and are extremely aggressive toward passenger vehicles.  Swamp Road is a winding, hilly, two-lane road with limited visibility in both directions. This  road just does not seem like the right route for these quarry trucks, for the safety of other motorists.  Although this has been an ongoing concern for many years, there have been several quarry truck accidents just this year.  The truck traffic from the quarry passes directly through residential areas where cars are frequently entering and exiting neighborhoods, horse barns, Bucks County  Community College, and residential driveways. The trucks do not obey speed limits and completely disregard the brake retarder prohibition signs. Gravel hauling trucks weigh up to 20 times the weight of a car or SUV. In a collision with a fast-moving, extremely heavy truck, passenger vehicles don’t stand a chance. Swamp Road has had many fatal truck accidents. These trucks need to be re-routed to a state regulated road. There are children whose school bus stop is on Swamp Road and it is terrifying!  We understand that previously, the route for these trucks was Second Street Pike.  We feel that either Second Street Pike (Rt. 232) or Durham Road (Rt. 413) would be more appropriate routes to ensure everyone's safety.  Thank you for taking the time to consider our concerns.