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Newton County Missouri Judge Gregory Stremel & DA Jacob Skouby: Drop Charges 12NW-CR01609 State VS. Sarah Lynn Redden

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Missouri Case # 12NW-CR01609 and Missouri Case # 12NW-CV01885. Cases can be viewed at

First off, I am using Sarah Lynn Redden’s name with her permission. Since this case is public record and their names can viewed publically, I have changed their names to their actual name. Any names that are changed will be noted by an asterisk *.

I’m going to start from the beginning so please bear with me for the length of this story.

Sarah was in a 7 year relationship with Travis Weathers and had a son roughly 9 months after they started dating. Sarah told Travis that there was a possibility that her son, Sanders*, may have another father because of the timing. Because she was still married to Pat* during the conception and birth of Sanders* and having been with another man, Jared*, just before she started dating Travis, she told him not to sign the birth certificate and that there needed to be a paternity test done. Travis signed the birth certificate anyways while Sarah was still medicated from the cesarean. Travis promised that since they were together they would raise the child and he would take care of her and Sanders*. All was fine and dandy for a couple of years, then Travis began to become abusive. It started with verbal assaults, “you’re stupid”, “you’re worthless”, “you can’t make it without me”, etc. Then things like putting his hands around her throat while arguing. Eventually Travis started yelling at Sanders* calling him stupid and other names when he was only 4 years old. Because of the stress of the environment and lack of support from other family members or friends Sarah because depressed, stressed and showing signs of battered-woman syndrome. She started seeing a psychiatrist and began taking many medications for mental health problems. Eventually, Sarah said she had enough and left Travis, she took Sanders* with her on July 6, 2012. At her first residence after leaving, Travis showed up a couple weeks later unannounced and demanded to see her son. She was kosher with him and made him go to a public place for the visit. Even during that visit Travis blew up at Sanders* and called him stupid for knocking over some stuff. Sanders* was 6, it’s what six year olds do. Once they got back to Sarah’s house, Travis demanded that she pack her sh!t up and get her @ss back home. She refused and called the local police to make a report. Because of that incident, she decided she wanted to move. So Sarah & Sanders* moved to another home. Because of what happened Sarah nagged Travis to take a paternity test and reminded him once again there might be other potential fathers. Travis promised for 3 weeks that he would do a paternity test and never did. So Sarah called Travis’s grandmother and told her what was going on and she said if she had to pay for it she would get him to take the test. Travis still did not take the test. At her wits end, Sarah called local attorneys and because she had just moved from Missouri to Kansas recently they could not help her. So then Sarah started calling attorneys in Missouri. She got a hold of one named Patricia Ann Brock Loveland, talked to her about what was going on and made an appointment with her the beginning of August 2012. She never heard back from Patricia, so she tried to do things properly with Travis about Sanders*. Sarah rented a studio apartment in Missouri so she could go back and forth with Sanders*. This was a short-lived adventure. The day after she came down there Travis got into a huge argument with her and while she was trying to get away from him, Sarah fell down the stairs and broke her ankle. She went to the emergency room and decided that night she was coming back to Kansas and to forget trying to work things out with Travis because he didn’t want to play fair for the sake of Sanders*. Sarah cancelled the lease on the studio apartment and came straight back to her house in Kansas. After that Travis would call and yell at her, she would try to let him speak to Sanders* but every time she did that he would try to bribe/manipulate the child and he would act out because of that. Travis continued to threaten her and even posted on Facebook with some of his friends that he should “skin that b!tch alive with a spoon”. Sarah had enough of it and sent a certified letter to Travis the end of August 2012 requesting that they get the paternity test done, that he release Sanders* and her property back to her and that if he is Sanders* father she would let him see him IF he went to anger management, substance abuse counseling and parenting classes. Well, Travis never picked the certified notice up even though the post office had left several notices. Scared for her safety, Sarah fled to Kentucky with Sanders*. She got him enrolled in school and even started going to parenting classes through Sander’s* school. The very end of September, Sarah was coming down with a bacterial infection, so she was weak and sick. On October 1, 2012, Travis showed up to her house and demanded that they get their stuff and get in the car. Being very sick, she could not put up much of a fight and didn’t want him to take Sanders* without her. The next day I showed up and the house looked a mess and it looked like they took off with less than a bag worth of stuff. I talked to the neighbor and she said she seen Sanders* the evening before crying in the driveway but seen Sarah and the boy’s father, so she thought maybe Sanders* was upset about having to go somewhere or something. Later that evening Sarah called and said her phone had been dead and told me what had happened. She told me that after she got back to Missouri Travis took her to the hospital and while they were there he had her served with a summons for paternity & custody. So when they got back to Travis’s house she waited to get her phone charged so she could call. She told me she was leaving in the middle of the night to catch a Greyhound back to Kentucky. The next day Travis called me asking if Sarah was with me and of course I told him no and that I didn’t know where she was because I seriously didn’t know if she was coming back or going someplace else. Once she got back, she showed me the summons and all it said was that she needed to respond within 30 days. In the summons we noticed so gross discrepancies and even noticed that Travis had retained the attorney, Patricia, that Sarah had spoke to the beginning of August. I would think that because Sarah had contacted her prior to Travis retaining her that it would be immoral to take on the case. Plus some of the information that Travis had put in the summons Patricia had to know it was incorrect from when she spoke to Sarah. Travis had put that Sarah was still living at the studio apartment she rented in August and he knew she went back to her house in Kansas because even the landlord had spoken to him. Travis also put that Sanders* had been staying with him until October 3, 2012. School records prove that he was enrolled and attending a Kansas school in August and transferred to a Kentucky school in September. I find it odd that a child would be enrolled in other states if both his parents are residing in the same state. So Sarah responded within a week by writing a letter to the Judge Stremel and to the attorney Patricia. She sent her letter by FedEx requiring a signature and in her response included 3 witness statements, her addresses with landlord phone numbers, where Sanders* was enrolled and the numbers to the schools and proof that she had certified mailed Travis about the matter of paternity, she even sent phone records proving she spoke to Patricia prior to Travis retaining her, plus she had told them that Travis had her served out of venue because he knew she lived in Kentucky and that they would need to serve her at her Kentucky address. After sending all of that information to the judge and the attorney, Sarah went to the local courts and requested an Emergency Protective Order for Domestic Violence because Sanders* school recommended it since Travis had been calling excessively wanting to know if Sanders* was in class. On October 31, 2012 Travis came to Kentucky for the EPO hearing and Sarah froze. She could not say anything just cry in fear because Travis just sat there with a callous grin on his face. Because she could not say a word, the judge had to deny the order. At that time, if Travis truly wanted Sanders* he could have shown up to Sanders* school and took him back to Missouri, but he did not. A week or so later Sarah had received a call saying she had a court date for the summons in Missouri. She told the lady that if it were a legitimate court date that the courts would have to serve her with a summons to appear in court. Newton County courts did not serve via sheriff/process server or even certify mail her the summons. Sarah never heard anything so she assumed it had to be Travis messing with her. On December 4, 2012 Sarah received bills in the mail from Missouri Gas Service for Travis’s house. Travis was having bills for his house forwarded to Sarah’s house. She called the Missouri Gas Service and told them she moved out in July and Travis was suppose to switch the service into his name. The gas company told her they could back date the bills if she made a police report for identity theft. Because of this Sarah wondered if he did something with the electric too. Sarah called the electric company and they told her that the service had been in Travis’s name, but he had added her name to the account in November 2012. She told the electric company that she had moved out in July and they told her that she would have to make a police report for identity theft before they could do anything. So Sarah called the Newton County Sheriff to make the report. The sheriff asked her if she could get all of the information from the utility companies and fax it over to him, she said she would and hung up. About 30 minutes later the sheriff called back to verify her address and then told her she had a warrant out for her arrest. Sarah asked him what it was for and he told her it was for Parental Kidnapping. She told him that she had been served with a summons in October and that she responded, but never heard back. He told her that she needed to get it taken care of. Less than 1 hour later the local sheriff was on her door to arrest her. Travis had told the prosecuting attorney that Sarah was armed and dangerous, that she would also flee so the sheriff showed up and surrounded the property with their guns drawled. Also because of that her bond was set at $10,000.00 cash in Kentucky. Sarah spent 72 days in Kenton County Jail; she lost her job, her apartment and her son had a Christmas with his mom in jail. Newton County would not respond to Kenton County at the 30 day hearing or the “60-day” hearing, so Kenton County released her. Because of Sarah going to jail the local Cabinet for Human Services was contacted and there is an open case for abuse to Sanders* and that both parents have a list of things they need to do in order to received custody of Sanders*. Sarah was released on February 13, 2013 and started her list of requirements by the Cabinet. Because of everything going on in Missouri, Sarah’s attorney for her Cabinet case told her she needed to get the warrant taken care of and that the best thing to do would be to go to Missouri and bond out. This was on Friday February 22, 2013, so we planned on leaving today (Sunday February 24, 2013) to be in Newton County Missouri by Monday morning so she could turn herself in and bond out, plus post an appeal to the case that she was never served with in November. Sarah worried and just wanting to do what is best for Sanders* thought maybe it would be a good idea to call Travis to see if there was any way to work things out (not to get back together) because Sanders* needs both parent and neither one of them needs to be in jail. Travis told her that he wanted Sarah to give up her rights and that he would make sure that she would be in jail for the rest of her life so she could never bother them. .. 1 hour later Kenton County Sheriff was at her door to arrest her for the warrant in Missouri once again. Because of this Sarah obviously isn’t going to be driving down to Missouri to turn herself in and bond out. But at the same time does not want to sign extradition paperwork because Missouri can let her sit in Kenton County jail as long as they want before they transport her.


The biggest discrepancy I have found is that Travis filed Parental Kidnapping against Sarah on November 30, 2012 and said she kidnapped Sanders* on October 3, 2012. On October 3, 2012 there was not a custody order on Sanders* so if there was not an order of who the child should be with, how can you get parental kidnapping? Also, because Travis came to Kentucky on October 31, 2012 for the EPO of him forcing Sarah & Sanders* from their Kentucky home it proved he knew their address because he was served 2 weeks prior to that with Sarah’s address in the paperwork. Then on November 19, 2012 when Missouri courts granted Travis* custody because Sarah didn’t appear (because she was never served), Travis could have came to Kentucky and picked Sanders* up. So on November 30, 2012 when they put a warrant out for parental kidnapping from October 3, 2012, why would you wait over 8 weeks to seek arrest if the child was truly kidnapped? Travis has had every opportunity to pick up Sanders* between October 31, 2012 and December 5, 2012 and did not do it, especially since he was only a few miles from Sanders’* school on Halloween. Travis doesn’t want Sanders* he only wants to use him to control Sarah. In the Kentucky case of abuse for Sanders* the courts have asked Travis to drop the warrant and even my husband asked Travis in front of Travis’s attorney and Travis said “I’ll see what I can do”. Kentucky has found that Sanders* has been abused and unfortunately because Missouri had put the order of custody in even if it was falsified, it needs to be appealed, but interstate law requires them to obey the order. Travis and Sarah have until June 11, 2013 to prove that they are fit to have custody by doing the requirements set by the Cabinet. Travis put Sarah back in jail as a stall tactic. If Sarah is detained she cannot finish her requirements in time and will not get custody of Sanders*.


Please sign my petition to drop this charge of parental kidnapping since there is no proof of a custody order when the supposed kidnapping occurred and Missouri has already had 72 days to transport her but they did not. Missouri finally transported Sarah, please read the Updates.


***UPDATE*** March 13, 2013


Sarah was transported on March 10, 2013 from Kenton County, KY to Newton County, MO. The Missouri Governor (Jay Nixon) signed a Requisition Demand and Agent Authorization (Governor's Warrant) to have Sarah transported by Sheriff Ken Copeland or his agent and one FEMALE guard. The Newton County Sheriff's department even breaks the orders of the Governor! When Newton County showed up to the Kenton County Detention Center, the Kenton County sheriff asked the two MALE guards if they were going to be picking up a FEMALE guard because they shouldn't release Sarah to them without a FEMALE guard. The Newton County guards lied to Kenton County and said they were picking up a FEMALE guard, which they never did. The entire 650 mile drive it was just Sarah and the two MALE guards. One of these male guards would stand at the women's restroom door and look in while Sarah was using the facility and she said it made her feel very uncomfortable.


***UPDATE*** March 18, 2013


After going through all of the paperwork, it was found that the Deputy Sheriff Reese Himmelsbach spoke to Sarah on October 8, 2012 about this Summons and the missing person that Travis made. On the exact same day Deputy Reese Himmelsbach made a Probable Cause Affidavit for Travis stating that Sarah took off with their son for Parental Kidnapping and showed Sarah's address as Travis's address in Neosho, MO. So either Deputy Himmelsbach took the report prior to Sarah speaking with him and he should have cancelled the Affidavit or he made the report after speaking with Sarah and made a false report. It's just to prove that Newton County, Missouri is just a crooked county all the way around.


***UPDATE*** March 20, 2013


Sarah retained a well-respected & recognized Federal Attorney.


***UPDATE*** March 20, 2013


Sarah contacted the Missouri Governor's office about the violations of the Governor's Warrant by Newton County Sheriff. The Governor's office said it was in review. But I know if people contacted them about this crooked situation, things would move a little faster.


You can call or fax Judge Gregory Stremel’s office
Phone (417) 451-8212 – Fax (417) 451-8272

You can call or fax Prosecuting Attorney Jacob Skouby, Jr's office
Phone (417) 451-8242 - Fax (417) 451-8244

You can call or fax Newton County Sheriff's department
Phone (417) 451-8300 or (417) 451-8333 Fax (417) 451-8275

You can call or fax Missouri Governor Jax Nixon's office
Phone (573) 751-3222 - Fax (573) 751-1495

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