I want to see Justin Trudeau step down from government

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Canadians far and wide we have reached a point in time where we are being pushed to the edge by our liberal government and there corrupt ways! I'm sure we all know Trudeau is not for the Canadian people and I'm asking for everyone's support in order to get Trudeau to resign from government! If we want to make a difference his ways of governing and obsession with a dictatorship is not the path canadians need! This fool does not know our own laws and has put us in the situation we are currently facing his lack of inaction on numerous items has led us now to this point! We need in power a person who will stand for Canada and all Canadians not just lay down and hope it all problems go away he has destroyed this once great nation and I fear if he does not step down sooner then later then I worry it will be to late so please my fellow Canadians in these tough times take a minute to sign this take a minute to share this and please help me educate fellow Canadians what is really going on in the country right now help myself and other Canadian Patriots solve this problem! Canada has a cavity and that cavity must be removed Trudeau is that cavity that must step down we need a person in that seat that will lead with a open open mind open heart but stand firm on Canadian values and stand firm for the rights of every Canadian in this country please I ask of you sign and share and once again thank you so much! We Canadians got this! Help me Guy Simpson get our country back on track! #CanadianPrideAlbertaStrong