Protect Historic Paddytown

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Historic Paddytown on Old Main Street – a unique community of 23 detached homes, nestled in the center of Newmarket, yet few know we exist. In the 1840’s our land was settled by Irish Catholics, who were unwelcome to live in Town, and they turned swampland into farmland, built small homes, and created our community.Today, our land, once considered worthless, is selling for $1,000,000 an acre.

Situated on 1.51 acres of land, the proposed subdivision at #172 Old Main Street consists of 12 semi-detached homes on land currently zoned R1-B (detached homes) in a “Stable Residential” area.

The proposed subdivision is too dense and incompatible with Paddytown's character.

We believe every established and historic neighborhood in Newmarket has a vested interest in our cause, as our fight today could easily land on your doorsteps tomorrow. If we don’t get it right with the current subdivision proposal in Paddytown, it will set a precedent from which we will never recover, as other large tracts of land in our community have been sold or are for sale to developers.

Tell Town Council and Planning Staff this approach to infill development is not the way forward, and they must view any proposed development in Paddytown from a "community planning perspective", not on a project-by-project basis. 

We support the growth of our community via “gentle density” – new, detached homes, to ensure development is compatible with the scale and density of our existing community -  and not approve the development of subdivisions or monster homes in Paddytown.

Top 5 Reasons the Proposed Subdivision Should NOT be Approved 

1. The density of the proposed development does not have a physical character similar to the existing neighbourhood in terms of density, lot size, building height and setbacks

2. It is out of scale with our community and incompatible with our community’s character  

3. We are a community that has not been urbanized and lacks any modern infrastructure:

  • Currently have a ditch system. There are no storm water sewers to mitigate and manage flooding and drainage
  • Every time it rains, homes on the East side are flooded with water in their basements and backyards 
  • No sidewalks, no curbs
  • A rural, 1.5 lane road and above ground hydro
  • Confirmed with the Town our street is not on the capital works plans for the next five years

4. We live in a delicate natural ecosystem: Over 70% of the properties on Old Main Street North are within the floodplain hazard area and/or regulation boundary.

  • The subdivision will devour .75 ha of permeable land adjacent to a floodplain hazard area, compounding existing flooding and poor drainage in our area
  • Both lots are home to Significant Woodlot (natural heritage); Newmarket only has 9% tree cover left; 15 mature trees will be lost

5.  The proposed development would result in a 12 homes = 36 people, 24 cars – a 50% increase in the number of homes and a 40% increase in vehicles on our street

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