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Change High School Athletics Back to 4th Period

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Newman International Academy at Cedar Hill has changed the schedules of all high school students to make athletic sense during first period. The students, coaches, and many teachers do not agree with this change. It is inconvenient for the students here at Newman. Firstly, we will be very foul-smelling. In October, the event center is supposed to open and showers will then be available to us. What are we going to do until then? Even after it opens, not everyone will be able to take a shower in the time allotted. Both girls and boys take a while to get ready after the shower, which we now will not have time to do in the morning. Instead, many students will turn to doing hair and makeup in their academic class periods. Other students also complain that they get sleepy after they exercise and/or shower, so they will be sleeping throughout their classes. Although the change in schedule does not seem durastic, I can assure you that students will not be paying attention during the periods that follow athletics. Many sports also have after school practice, which means that many people will have to bring three sets of clothes in total: two sets of workout clothes, and their uniform. This obviously means we have to carry these clothes around, and, believe it or not, clothes get heavy. This is another disadvantage in the new schedules. All in all, everyone likes 4th period than 1st period when it comes to athletics. 

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