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I want to say thank you to everyone for supporting my son and taking a stand against bullying. I also want to thank everyone for taking the time to share this post �

My child has a learning disability and really needs to be in school. I do not know which route to take next.

Please share this post bullying has to be stopped���

My sweet little boy is being bullied again this year, no one is taking it seriously....he was playing with a couple girls friday during lunch and a child who has been bullying Jackson for 2 years came up and punched him in the back then 3 other boys joined in punching him repeatedly...he was covering his face with his hands on the ground to protect his face....some girls ran over to see what happened and the boys ran away. Jackson was crying and went and told a teacher right away.

After discussions with the school they say this incident was not bullying and the child who has been bullying my child was presented with this weeks everyday hero award for holding the door open for someone.....i believe considering what happened maybe this should be rethought...when Jackson went to school he couldnt understand why the bully was wearing a cape and called an hero.

Please share your thoughts n this...i am at a loss...all of the things the school promised they would do to keep my son safe..did NOT happen. �������

I have been to the school...
I spoke with rep from school board..
Put in a transfer request to another school..
Spoke with RCMP....
Sent to news stations....
To date no results���

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