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Rename the Ex-Libris Gallery RITA’s

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The Ex-Libris Gallery housed in Newcastle University is to under-go a name change upon its re-opening and this name should be RITA’s.

The name RITA’s sparks the question WHO IS RITA?

Aims of the gallery will be to encourage a critical enquiry, engage in the local arts scene and to spark conversation. The breadth of contexts and associations that the name RITA’s can bring makes it a fantastic name for the gallery. RITA can be an artwork, RITA can be a pseudonym, RITA can be Educated, RITA can be an Italian Saint, RITA can be The Beatles’ Lovely Rita, or RITA can be you. RITA is also a direct reference to Newcastle University Fine Art department; referencing the extraordinary artist Rita Donagh, a student of Newcastle University’s fine art department who also became a tutor here in 1962. An exemplary figure to Newcastle students, she deserves to be celebrated with the same stature as the man she met here, Richard Hamilton.

Renaming the Ex-Libris Gallery, RITA’s, can go some way to celebrating neglected histories like that of female artists. It reflects the interests of members of staff and students at Newcastle University, whose work aims to unveil those overshadowed or made invisible.

RITA’s encourages a critical enquiry. RITA’s ignites personal and broad associations. RITA’s is a reference. RITA’s is a character. RITA’s is an invisible history made visible. RITA’s is local. RITA’s is the female 70-80%of students on Newcastle University’s Fine Art course.

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