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Pull Sexist “Brewmaster” Commercial!


Assuming that sexism is the only way to sell beer is insulting to women AND beer drinkers (and the many of us who are both.)

So we were disappointed to see Newcastle Brown Ale's new “Brewer” commercial, currently being broadcast throughout the U.K.

The camera follows a pair of hands brewing beer, leading up to the punchline: "Why do we focus so much on our brewmaster's hands? Because she is not an attractive woman."

Newcastle's ad company, Draoga5, calls the commercial a “no-nonsense” pitch to customers that the Newcastle Ale brand is good humored, reliable and consistent.

But if the brewmaster were a man, the joke would fall flat—because it relies on two sexist notions: That brewmasters are men (hence the surprise factor) and that an "ugly" woman is inherently hilarious.

It’s especially troubling that the target is a woman in a male-dominated industry. The extremely dated stereotype that such women are “not attractive” is a way to keep boys’ clubs intact. Criticizing a professional woman’s appearance is used to trivialize women in both politics and in business. It’s one way that the glass ceiling is enforced and the advancement of women is thwarted.

Join us in speaking out against sexist advertising that has damaging effects on women in the workplace! Tell Newcastle, its parent company Heineken International, and agency Droga5 to pull this campaign and issue an apology!

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