Petition for safety nets and suicide barriers for Newcastle Tyne Bridge

Petition for safety nets and suicide barriers for Newcastle Tyne Bridge

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The North East of England has an alarming rate of suicide that’s growing rapidly to claim more and more of our loved ones lives year by year.

With major cuts to the NHS mental health services, many people are getting sub standard treatment, put on long waiting lists when they’re already suicidal, not being treated seriously or receiving no treatment at all (due to the fear of being turned away or stigma around being mentally ill) and it’s costing so many precious lives.

One of the main suicide hotspots of Newcastle is its Tyne Bridge. To many people, a walk across that bridge brings traumatic memories of a loved one who has taken their life there. Rarely the bridge is seen without bouquets of flowers from mourners tied to it. It’s devastating to witness.

A change needs to be made and more preventative measures need to be taken to preserve the life of the mentally ill community in Newcastle. The public can only do so much. The people of Newcastle have even resorted to hand writing messages of love and support, tying them in place on the bridge in hopes someone will change their mind. I, myself have even seen graffiti of people leaving mobile phone numbers to call for potential jumpers.

The CCTV by the bridge is not enough, the vast majority of the time when the Police arrive the person has sadly already jumped and it’s too late. Even if they survived the fall, the current of the Tyne is too strong and before life guards could arrive there would be a minute chance of survival.

I am writing this petition to urge the City Councils to put safety nets underneath the Tyne Bridge or a suicide barrier in aspirations of preserving our loved ones lives, even if they do lose all hope and decide to jump.

Another well known suicide hotspot, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge has claimed over 1700 lives. The estimated 34 people that survived, have admitted they changed their mind after they fell. There’s already works of a suicide barrier being built there as I write this.

We need similar approaches to Newcastle’s Tyne Bridge.  Hopefully this will give potential jumpers another chance at life, after being recovered from the safety net or stopped by a suicide barrier, to then be given intensive treatment and immediate support by mental health care specialists. 

If you’re reading this you’re likely to have lost someone yourself or have a friend who’s lost someone and you will know too well, the excruciating pain it causes, for many. It may even be from this bridge. Please sign this petition to help us get things in motion now, before another person loses their life.