Protect Newcastle Ocean Baths' beautiful Heritage facade and improve our public facilities

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Newcastle’s ocean baths are iconic. The Merewether Ocean Baths is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, and the Newcastle Ocean Baths and its heritage facade are the picturesque postcard of Newcastle.

Both Baths are located on NSW Government owned Crown Land, and are managed by the City of Newcastle Council. They public buildings have both suffered in recent years and are in need of improvement.

In recent weeks, the Council has released a call for expressions of interest, along with a list of FAQs, requesting private proposals to support upgrades to both facilities.

The beautiful Art-Deco facade of Newcastle Ocean Baths is listed as a local heritage item and is in the wonderful Newcastle East Heritage Conservation Area. We should be prioritising upgrades to these facilities, maintaining public access, and improving family facilities. We need to ensure that there is parents with prams parking and upgraded change facilities in the bathrooms

A cafe or restaurant could enhance the Baths experience, however this must not compromise continued free public access.

At a minimum, any upgrades should involve public consultation and maintain:
   ⁃    the iconic Newcastle Ocean Bath facade
   ⁃    Accessible parking, including disabled parking
   ⁃    Free public access to the Baths
   ⁃    Accessible change rooms, including access for families
   ⁃    Lockers
   ⁃    Improved indoor and outdoor shower facilities
   ⁃    Public meeting spaces