Newcastle Needs Trees NOW

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Newcastle has been nationally exposed as the tree felling capital of the UK

Figures obtained by the Sunday Times report that Newcastle City Council has authorised the felling of 8,414 trees in the last three years - twice as many as any other local authority.

In 2002 the council acknowledged tree cover in Newcastle was already well below the national average. 

So why have more trees been lost here than in any other UK city?

Trees provide habitat for wildlife and absorb harmful atmospheric pollution. They clean the air, stop soil erosion and flooding and purify our water. They provide shelter and screening, improve amenity and urban environmental quality and contribute to positive physical and mental health. 

We must act now to protect trees - and hedgerows - in Newcastle.

We are therefore calling on Newcastle City Council to safeguard existing trees and hedgerows in the city and put in place a plan to increase tree cover and reverse the harm caused by years of excessive tree felling. 

Bristol City Council has partnered with the Bristol Tree Forum, Forest of Avon Trust and the Woodland Trust, with a view to doubling the city’s tree canopy coverage by 2050.

Newcastle must adopt a similar approach to its trees to ensure the city's green infrastructure is a priority. 

Please sign and share this petition to stop further felling and to call for more trees in Newcastle.