A Footpath for Tarro Public School

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There is currently no footpath on Eastern Avenue for children to walk on to and from school.

There are numerous reasons that this is required, but to list a few:

*There are children and family members with disabilities that find it difficult to walk on the uneven grass strip and are therefore forced to walk on the road during peak times.

*On rainy days this leads to children spending all day in wet shoes and socks or having to walk on the road during its peak time. 

*There are regular instances of children tripping on the uneven grass patch resulting in injuries ranging from scrapped knees to broken ankles. 

An application has been lodged with Newcastle City Council. They rejected the application as the school didn't meet the criteria, according to the response there is no safety issues. This statement is ridiculous.

We need support to achieve something very basic, just a footpath. Please sign, share and speak about this. Hopefully we will finally be heard.