Stop the inhumane treatment of animals by having much stricter vetting of potential owners

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New Zealand needs a much stricter policy when it comes to owning an animal. There should be a much stricter process in place for anyone wanting to own any animal in New Zealand, as there are far too many animals being badly abused, being used as bait dogs or fighting dogs, kittens just put in bags and dumped, horses not being fed or looked after properly and these are just the animals I have has personal contact with. Not only should the dog be registered but the owner should be vetted to the highest standard and there should be an animal cruelty register that if you have ever abused an animal that you NEVER get to own one ever again.

We have laws for everything else in this country but we need stricter laws to protect our animals, who speaks for them, the dogs that are beaten and starved to fight, the kittens that are put in bags because the owners never wanted kittens. Breeding should be a law in itself and a ver strict one. We are overpopulated with kittens, I know this first hand as my best friend is a foster mum for kittens. This needs to stop and it needs to stop now before one more animal is hurt or neglected. Please support me in this petition and get family and friends involved. Thank You so much.