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Remove John Key from power

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John Key is slowly turning NZ into a mini USA. I do not wish to turn into a fear controlled, dictatorship where you are basically a glorified Terrorist group. ISIS and USA are one in the same. Killing innocent people to create fear. John Key is continuing to support such a destructive and corrupt country.

I do not want to:

  • Join this ISIS war which is a terrorist group fighting another terrorist group
  • I do not wish to be a part of the USA spy network and do not wish to be spied upon by GCSB.
  • I want to feed hungry NZ children who need it, rather than blaming the parents and have those kids suffer
  • I want NZ to continue to be seen as the safest country in the world.
  • I do not want a prime minister who constantly lies and goes back on his word.
  • I do not want to waste money on a Casino or a flag change. That money is better spent elsewhere.
  • TPPA. Nuff said.

Why in gods name would it even be a question up for debate whether or not we spend money on a Casino? Do you know anything about how destructive gambling is? Spending money on changing a flag rather than spend it on hungry children? are you serious? Sure, you CAN make the argument that its the parents fault, so why not put money into educating those parents? or having those kids removed from the parents care? with that flag money you can create a lot of homes for those kids to be looked after. Instead he would rather just...change a flag.
Regardless, thats not even his argument. His is that the problem doesn't even exist which is that sad part. Even if 5% of children are going hungry, that is enough for me to want my tax payers money going there.

Please, we need to remove George Bus- I mean, John Key from power. He is ruining a country just like some other people who used to be in power....*cough cough*....

This needs to change. I want my children to live in a Safe NZ, a better NZ. Lets make this happen.


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