Stop freshwater exports in New Zealand.

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Stop the exploitation of New Zealand's freshwater!!

Foreign owned water bottling companies are currently making millions of dollars out of New Zealand's water supply, taking billions of litres of our most prestine freshwater for almost nothing, while kiwis are being put on water restrictions and running out of water in some areas. This water should remain here, not be put into containers and sent overseas. We as the people of new Zealand would like to see a total ban on freshwater exporting. Keep our water in our country. Water is a vital basic human need and should not be exploited like this. The average human body can only last 3 days without water, animals need it, bees ,plants and insects need it. This is a major health concern and basic human rights issue. We don't need our water being sucked out of the ground and sent overseas on a mass scale with nearly no restrictions on quantity. This opens up something which could badly affect future generations and life in new Zealand if we do nothing. You have the chance to make a change.

We need to protect our national water supply and are asking the New Zealand government to put a ban on water exports,  better restrictions on how much bottling companies can extract from the ground and to ensure that water supply companies are owned and operated by kiwis. We don't think it's fair that kiwis pay for low quality  treated water while our most prestine drinking water is exported for profit.  This resource belongs to us all and nobody has the right to take it out of the country.