Resist New Zealand ANZAC Day Restrictions. Attend and March.

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New Zealanders have been told by Police that they are not free to gather to commemorate the sacrifices made by our service personnel in global conflicts. They fought for our freedom but that freedom to gather and remember has been curtailed under the guise of security concerns following the events of 15 March. Marches by veterans have been advised against and the traditional contribution of firing volleys by Defence Force personnel has also been stopped. This is an affront to the memory of our forebears and is potentially a slippery slope toward the loss of the right to assemble in public at all.

Communities must not feel bullied into cancelling their regular ANZAC Day services. Veterans and community groups should be free to march in remembrance of our fallen. The important, centuries old tradition of firing volleys should be maintained. We ask people in their communities to attend and march with pride and without fear. The Prime Minister, the Police Commissioner and the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association should be reassuring the public not creating fear.

As a former soldier and former Associate Minister of Defence I find the cancellation of any ANZAC Day services abhorrent and distressing. Freedom is hard won and easily eroded. I'm putting this petition together because we must continue to stand up for the freedom to gather in public places - anything less means we allow the terrorists to win.