Covid 19 coronavirus: NCEA credit reduction needed to make up for school closures

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As everyone knows New Zealand is currently involved in a major pandemic called Covid 19. Because we are currenlty at alert Level 4, New Zealand Schools have been forced to close temporarily. This has a huge effect on all students around the country especially students sitting NCEA level 1,2 and 3 this year. We are currently turning to online learning and it can be quite difficult as its not the same as sitting in a classroom and its hard to get the help some students need. Because of this sudden change in the way we are being educated, it puts a lot of stress on students sitting NCEA and makes learning quite difficult. At this stage the smart decision would be to drop the required amount of credits needed to pass NCEA by 10. This means that students sitting level one will need a total of 70 credits needed to pass and students sitting levels two and three will require 50 credits to pass. As a government they need to make sure students are passing NCEA and getting the qualifications they need to start a successful career. Something as simple is altering the required number of credits needed to pass NCEA this year just slightly will make a huge difference to New Zealand Students and take some pressure and stress of their education that has been caused by Covid 19